Fulton IL - June 28

Hey everyone! It was a great night to sing outside in Fulton.  The sunny day, warm temperatures and friendly faces made for a fun night of singing and testimonies.  If you have been to a concert at Spring Valley Reformed Church you know what fun it can be.  Those sitting in their cars honk their horns when the song is done and they have enjoyed the singing.  And those sitting in their chairs (hopefully in a shady spot) clap along and sing.  It was so enjoyable having the first concert of the new Riven Quartet with these great folks!  We definitely look forward to singing there again next time! 

And, of course, there was the great fellowship us guys had driving to the concert that day. We listened to some good music, talked about our dreams for the group, and had some great Mexican food in the childhood home, Kewanee, IL,  of our lead singer, Gary Brannaman.  After service we took time to stop at Paxton's Corner Coop in Awana, IL for some hand-dipped ice cream and baked goods. If you haven't been you have to stop by and try some of the delectable treats they serve.  Just walking in and smelling the sweet aroma inside the shop was enough to put sugar plum dreams in your head.  And then, there are the great lawn animals, art, and decor around the coop!  We are making plans, already, for another visit!!

Well, stay tuned for another blurb here in The Riven Flow....

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